Saturday, July 2, 2005

Future news

An interesting read:

(Associated Press, Nov. 8, 2006) The Democrats didn't waste any time after their landslide victory in Tuesday's midterm election that put them in charge, with huge margins in both the House and Senate.

The incoming Democratic chairs of the various investigatory committees announced that, as soon as the new Congress is sworn in in January, subpoenas will be going out to the White House for all documents relating to when and how the decision to attack Iraq was made; to how far up the chain of command the authorization for torture went; and whether Bush and Cheney and/or their subordinates lied to the Congress and the American People. Congressional committees also will be on the lookout for evidence of Administration involvement in war crimes, bribery and election fraud, Democratic officials said.

[. . .]

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but the 2006 election cycle is just around the corner and it is within us to make it happen. Read the entire article that also has an interesting take on the road to Impeachment of the Chimp and his co-conspirators.

Thanks to the Farmer for the link.

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