Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We got a plan to keep ya from getting run over by a truck...

I went over to the New York Press to see the cool recruiting poster and stayed to read the article about the Army's recruiting woes and the desperate lengths they are going to to get fresh meat.
But if asking nicely doesn't work, the army is apparently ready to let loose some new rhetorical weapons. In a Knight-Ridder story last week, an army recruiter named Timothy Waud in Simi Valley, California, offered a new argument to the parents of America's young:

"(Parents) say they don't want to send their son or daughter off into danger," he said. "There's a lot of misconceptions about Iraq. Frankly, percentage-wise you face more of a risk driving on the freeways out here."

Military service in Iraq: safer than playing in traffic! Goddamn, I wish I had teenage children!
I can kinda see the recruiter's point: In Iraq, when you get tire tracks on your leg, at least it will have been blown a safe distance first.

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