Monday, June 27, 2005

The speech Bush oughta make. Fat chance.

Read the article down to it in Consortium News.
"First, you must know that I have long obsessed about getting rid of Saddam Hussein, taking care of some unfinished business from my dad's presidency. There's also a lot of oil there and my neoconservative advisers saw a good chance to project American power into the Middle East.

"So when the Sept. 11 attacks occurred, I saw my chance. Vice President Dick Cheney and I began merging references to al-Qaeda and Iraq. That way, the casual listener would start associating Iraq with Sept. 11 subliminally, even if there was no real evidence to support that connection.
"All these acts that I've described to you tonight might well be considered war crimes, but I really don't care much about international law. Remember when I reacted to one question about international law by joking, 'International law? I better call my lawyer.' That's just the way I feel about treaties and other things that try to tie me down.
There's about as much chance of him levelling with the American people as there is of me being Court Jester when Fixer is King of the World, but it's a nice thought.

Ha! Only took me two tries to get out all the funny punctuation marks. I'm getting better at it!

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