Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Think Progress via RUFNKM:

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The Bush administration had claimed on multiple occassions that the current budget was enough to provide full care. Back in February, Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson testified that he was "satisfied that we can get the job done with this budget." Later, when Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) tried to add funds into the VA budget, Nicholson wrote her a letter assuring that the VA did not "need emergency supplemental funds in FY2005 to continue to provide timely, quality service that is always our goal."

Yet today, even after the administration's misleading claims had been exposed, and despite brand new data showing that demand for veterans health programs had grown twice as fast as the VA predicted earlier this year, House conservatives still voted to block any additional funding for veterans' care. [my emphasis]

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Yup, I just love it when the Repubs say they 'support our troops'. The 'support' ends when the troops can no longer carry a rifle. Then they're just 'human compost'.

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