Saturday, July 2, 2005

Gord's a genius!

Regarding the old man's post the other day:

[. . .]

I think Mr. Cooper and Ms. Miller are honorable in refusing to name their source, but, in this particular case, misguided. The nation deserves to know their source so we can get to the bottom of who thought so little of selling out intelligence agents and their sources that they would pull a cheap trick like that for political revenge. I think his initials might be K.R., and no, it's not Knox Rover. [my emphasis]

Well, what do I wake up and see this morning?

Frog Marching Rove Down Yellowcake Lane

Multiple people have emailed to inform me that on the McLaughlin Group Lawrence O'Donnell has claimed that the primary Plame laker was Karl Rove.

I've set the Tivo to record the next showing, but I can't as of yet verify this, but there you go...

I guess Ol' Yelladog is right:

I hate to cross swords with Gordon, mostly because he's almost always right . . .

It's called wisdom.

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