Monday, June 27, 2005

Thank you . . . 20,000 times

In a couple minutes we'll get our 20,000th hit since November 17th (When I put up the counter). Thank all of you very much for helping us pass this milestone, especially our fellow bloggers who link to us and send people our way. I never expected to have this kind of readership when I began this blog a little under a year ago. The Alternate Brain was born on the 4th of July 2004, when I began to separate my political writings from my automotive blog (Originally titled 'The Fixer').

I started this blog with a graduate student from NYU, upon whom a fellowship at UC Santa Cruz fell. Time for the blog was not on his agenda anymore so I was doing both blogs by myself until September of 2004. I was heading off to London for 2 weeks and didn't know what kind of connectivity I'd have. I used to hang out at South Knox Bubba's place a lot and enjoyed talking with that crazy M/C mechanic with whom I had a lot in common. Even though he's an old Jarhead.

So I conned . . . er, suckered . . . er, asked him to guest blog here while I was gone. Gord was a babe (I use that term very figuratively) in the woods when it came to blogging but I knew, with his mechanical background, he'd pick it up easily. I wasn't disappointed and I'm grateful and thankful he stayed on after I came back (well, it was like feeding a stray cat, they never leave). He also joined me blogging over at what became 'The Fixer & Gordon'. Couldn't have done it without you, pal. I'd share a fire hole (or a doob) with ya any day.

While Gord and I worked well together, I figured we needed some adult supervision, so to speak. I went back to the source (SKB) and begged KR to come blog over here. She's a busy lady (but I'm stubborn) and I'm more than grateful whenever she can squeeze time in to make an apparance. Her timely posts always get the gray matter moving. Thank you, darlin'.

I wouldn't trade either of 'em for anybody. And next week another year of outrage at Chimpy Inc. and the Right Wing Jesus freaks will begin. We'll be here, at least until we win back what was lost or they drag us all off to Gitmo. Thanks again, 20,000 times. It's been a good year.

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