Tuesday, October 4, 2005

And yer cellie can read over yer shoulder...

Found this great post at Campus Progress on how DeLay's words may be coming back to haunt him. Thanks to Paul the Spud at Shakespeare's Sister.

Rep. Tom Delay, until recently the House Majority Leader, has long been outspoken about the criminal justice system. He's been tough on crime, tough on the accused, enthusiastic about long prison sentences, bullish about building more prisons, and skeptical about claims of prisoners' innocence or abuse by prison authorities.

Now, Tom DeLay has entered the criminal justice system in a new role: defendant, charged with money laundering and conspiracy, and facing a potential term of five years to life in a Texas prison. To be helpful, we've compiled a brief dossier on Tom DeLay's guide to criminal justice. DeLay can take a look now, and maybe print out all the materials that are hyperlinked, and everything hyperlinked from those, and so on. It should take about five years to life to read.

Go read. It'll make your day!

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