Friday, October 7, 2005

Common Sense

From Stupid Country:

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If you drop 135,000 American troops anywhere in the Middle East, destroy the host country's economy and kill tens of thousands of its citizens, then people will obligingly show up and shoot back. They will not, however, hold still so that you can oppose them in the way a conventional force of combat soldiers is designed to oppose an enemy along anything that could reasonably be viewed as a "front."

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They could also be viewed as bait. Hey, Jesuslanders, how's it feel to have your kid's life used as nothing more than chum? Yeah, keep voting Republican. They'll be calling for your grandkids next. You know, the ones your son never knew because his wife was giving birth while he was dying in Saddam's backyard.


Speaking of Mess-O-Potamia* Dave Johnson steers me to Harry Reid's blog:

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We are equally dismayed that your Administration has failed to produce broad international participation, both in the months leading up to the war and the years since the conflict started. There appears to be no strategy to involve regional countries as there was in the Balkans in the 1990s and in Afghanistan in late 2001 and 2002. There has been little effort to obtain the contribution of military forces from Muslim nations to dispel the perception of a Western occupation of a Muslim nation. In addition, offers to train Iraqi security forces from countries such as Egypt and France have apparently gone unanswered.

The only thing as disturbing as the obvious lack of progress is the Administration�s continuing failure to level with the American people about the current situation in Iraq. This failure only serves to erode the public's confidence about your Administration's plan for Iraq. Therefore, Mr. President, in the interest of providing accountability to our troops and our taxpayers, we ask again for you to provide direct answers to four critical questions about your Administration's Iraq policy. Specifically:

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These are the things we need to hear from the Dem leadership. The problem is getting them on TV enough for it to sink in. That damned 'Lib-rul Media'.

*Credit:Jo Fish

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