Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Edicts and Declarations

I left a comment, on Jo Fish's post over at Main and Central, about a memory of mine when in Korea at the time the AIDS epidemic was just entering the national consciousness. The military said we had to limit casual sex with the locals. Fellas, I was 19, in Asia, surrounded by millions of beautiful, almond-eyed women; you figure out what I was doing in my spare time. Besides, anybody who knows Air Force folks . . . Well, Jo has an example of the military's bludgeon vs. stiletto approach to problems.

Well, we all know that the DoD can't stuff that horse that was the Porn-for-WarPorn back into the proverbial barn. So they've done the next best thing. They're subjectively restricting the use of "photographs" by "bloggers" on web sites. Why subjectively? Well, it seems that the forbidden pictures can be whatever someone who stands to be embarrassed by them wants to forbid.

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