Monday, October 3, 2005

The GOP's Spreading Plague

My theme so far today seems to be evolving, or designed intelligently (Ha!), as Let's Get To The Bottom Of Republican Corruption And Crimes And Throw The Bastards In Jail. Nothing new for me, but I'm glad the better opinion writers are catching up.

Joe Conason adds even more fuel to the funeral pyre:

To be an honest Republican (oxymoron - G) these days must be to wonder what awful revelation is coming next - and how the Grand Old Party, which once claimed to represent political reform, became a front for sleaze, corruption and cynical criminality. Across the country, from the Capitol to statehouses, Republican officials are under indictment, under investigation or under suspicion.

This week's headlines featured the indictment of Rep. Tom DeLay and the probe of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, but the infection of venality among their fellow partisans is now reaching epidemic proportions. So widespread is the plague that keeping track of all the individual cases, and their increasingly baroque variations, has become a distinct challenge.

It's a good piece and you should go read it.

Here's my point: There is so much investigation of Republican sleaze going on right now that one op-ed writer can't possibly refer to all of it in any one article. I'm sure they have space limitations. I have to read three or four or more to get the whole picture. I'm fuckin' lovin' it!

If the Republisleaze funeral pyre gets as big as I hope it will, it will be too big to do the Dance of Joy around it. Therefore, I am preparing a machine suitable for the 40-Inch Triumph Full Bore Third Gear Wheel-Spinnin' Dirt-Throwin' Ya-Hooin' Sideways Slide of Joy! I think extensive testing at a Republican golf course might be in order to make sure it works when the proper time comes!

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