Friday, October 7, 2005

Timing NYers' Safety Until Bush Says It's OK

If you still think yesterday's New York terror alert was a coincidence following closely on the Chimp's speech, think again. From Craig Crawford:

Even more disturbing to me in yesterday's subway warning was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's comment that a news outlet had gotten the story two days earlier but agreed to withhold releasing it until the government gave the green light. Perhaps Bloomberg's position on this will turn out to be credible, but his claim that the extra time was needed for law enforcement to handle this threat seems worth questioning.

The result was that a news media outlet was persuaded to join a conspiracy of silence until the government was ready to announce the news, which happened to coincide with White House strategy for Bush's speech and also just so happened to serve as a neat distraction from Rove's latest bad news.

Manufacturing terror alerts and then timing them for political purposes and diversion is a total crock of shit.

I hope we're all sick and tired of these assholes taking it for granted that we'll all panic like we're supposed to when they hit the fear button, and run to them like little kids screaming "Oh, yes, Mr. president, save us, only you can do it, O Mighty One!"

Imagine if the subway had blown up yesterday: "Oh, we knew about that two days ago. Bush hadn't made his speech yet."

They'd be swinging from lampposts.

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