Sunday, January 8, 2006

The Battle for Florida

Not that I know anything about the mechanics of the voting process and statistical analysis makes my eyes roll back in my head, but Susie directs us to a sober interview with a guy who actually does study the stuff. He makes some good observations:


Unfortunately, the history of democracy is that leadership philosophy is eroded as the competition between elites becomes more intense. That's what happened with Athenian democracy; that's what happened in the Roman Republic. So you look at our system today; you see our elites doing it, and you know we're in big trouble. It's in my lifetime that this has happened, that elites have begun to put winning ahead everything else, ahead of truth and country.

When Watergate was prosecuted, there were Republicans in Congress that were after Nixon. They thought what he was doing was unconscionable, and today that's not the case. Today, Democrats stick with Democrats, and Republicans stick with Republicans. They don't care what their party leaders have done. Just in my lifetime, I've seen this civic culture go from something that's respectful of democracy to something that is manipulative of it. The problem is if you let this go uncorrected, the Democrats are going to do something worse later, and then the Republicans. It's just an arms race almost, and it will just tend to degenerate.


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