Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DeLay's still calling the shots...into his own foot

From Fired Up America:

In an unusual piece of protocol, DeLay informs Hastert that he will be replacing Rep. Duke Cunningham on the House Appropriations Committee [1].

"I will also be reclaiming my seat on the Appropriations Committee when the second session of the 109th Congress convenes later this month."

Since when does a member tell the Speaker of the House which committees they will be assigned to? Is Tom DeLay still calling the shots in the House?

But more importantly, only in the GOP House Caucus would you replace a member of the Appropriations Committee who has pled guilty to accepting bribes for steering public moneys to favored business interests, with someone under the kind of ethical cloud that DeLay now finds himself under.

DeLay may be the worst person that was ever in Congress. His moral values and sense of priorities are truly evil, but there's nothing wrong with his balls. Either that, or he actually thinks he's gonna get out of this (long overdue) predicament. I guess delusion and denial are handy tools.

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