Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pussies, cowards, and wimps

All names I have for the Republican Party and their supporters. Know why? Because they are. I mean the higher ups know what's going on, but the party rank and file are a buncha scared cowards. I read somewhere 37% of Republicans would concede to have their civil rights taken away to keep us 'safe'. Cowards.

To all you big Repub men, my wife has more testicle than you do. Looking out from her office, coming up from the Subway, going to lunch with a client, guess what she sees? The smoking hole in the ground they used to call the World Trade Center. Would any of you Repub pussies go back to work directly across the street after 9/11? I doubt it.

You're the ones screaming for extraordinary powers for the government to 'protect' us. What about all them guns you and your NRA buddies have? Haven't you beat the 2nd Amendment to death, waving it in front us when we try to enact some sort of controls on whom can carry? Hey, you got all them guns, what are you afraid of? Oh yeah, you're afraid someone might shoot back. Big men you are. Anybody can shoot the shit out of beer cans and mow down a deer with an AR-15, but it takes something to look in the eyes of another man an kill him, takes more to hang around while the enemy is shooting at you.

I've noticed those who yell loudest are the biggest wimps. Instead of going on with your lives out there in Podunk, you scream for the police state the Chimp is trying to make from our once-great nation. Let me just give you a heads-up. When the tranformation is complete, they're gonna come for your guns too. Let me know if you have the balls to stand up to ATF agents who will surely come for your stuff, or are you going to say the same thing your senile former leader says? "From my cold dead hands." Know what? That's exactly what's gonna happen, because if you don't give up your shit they're gonna kill you and take it. Do you think they would take the chance of the population being armed?

Wake up, Repub pussies. Liberals ain't your enemy, your own people are. You'll learn that soon enough.

And BTW, Blondie speaks well on the subject also.

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