Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Go read what a former State Department employee, who resigned in protest of Bush's foreign policy, has to say. From Press Action.

I think what the American public is increasingly discovering is that the current administration sees foreign policy as just one more way to mold American domestic opinion. The White House doesn't really distinguish between home and overseas propaganda, contrary to the spirit of the Smith-Mundt Act 1948, which prohibits the dissemination to domestic audiences of USG-produced or supported overseas information products.

There is a strong anti-propaganda tradition in the United States, so I don't think the American public will continue to accept what I've described as Bushprop. The Iraq mission, it has become all too clear, was not "accomplished" as the administration boasted. Indeed, it should never have been undertaken.

I'd like to see Bush and his whole bunch "undertaken". Someday. Then I'll piss on their graves.

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