Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Third Wheel...

We've all heard about Governor Schwarzenegger doing a face-plant off his sidecar rig. Steve Lopez has a humorous editorial about it:

Who the heck has a motorcycle with a sidecar?

I hadn't seen or heard about one since Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" fame. But there was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day, tooling along like an overgrown kid and not properly licensed, with his 12-year-old son in the sidecar.

Up in the hills of Brentwood, he kissed a car backing out of a driveway and ended up with a fat lip and stitches.

Geez, I got into trouble with my wife this week for buying our daughter a creampuff. Imagine if I'd sported her around town in a sidecar plowing into Volvos.

The Schwarzenegger administration trotted out some cockamamie story about him not needing a motorcycle license because the sidecar means he's exempt.

He's not. It's a motorcycle. I guess he figures he has 'Constitutional authority' to break the law.

No speaking for three days, the doctor told him after sewing his mouth.

"My wife said, 'Make it seven!' "

If you're up for it, I see us starting down a new path together. You on the Harley, me in the sidecar, smoking a couple of illegals the size of Cuban missiles.

License, officer? We don't have to show you no stinking license.

Note to Lopez: The back seat you're about to ride in ain't gonna be in no limo, and them 'illegal' fatties better be tobacco!

More about sidecars in The Fixer & Gordon.

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