Monday, January 9, 2006

Bush's Phony Photo-op

Tennessee Guerilla Women has MoDo's op-ed about Bush's fake meeting with former Secretataries of State and Cabinet members.

James Baker, Svengali and Sphinx, must have been thinking: "I told your dad not to let you in here. I could tell you how to get of Iraq in 10 minutes, but you're too under the sway of that nutball Cheney to listen."

It may seem disturbing at first, that with several hundreds of years' worth of foreign policy at his elbows, and a bloody, thorny mess in Iraq, Mr. Bush would devote mere moments to letting some fresh air into his House of Pain.

Sure, he has A.D.D. But he just spent six straight days mountain-biking and brush clearing in Crawford. He couldn't devote 60 minutes to getting our kids home rather than just a few for a "Message: I Care" photo-op faking sincerity?

"We all went into the bubble and came out," one of the wise men noted.

The only thing that would have made the photo even more utterly phony was the presence of that vintage warmonger, Henry the K.

I hope Ms. Dowd never gets the ass at me!

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