Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chinese Herbs and Clampers

The news today is mostly folks lamenting the poor performance of the Demowussies at the confirmation hearings for Bush's judge, and rightly so, but it's boring. I think it's a done deal, a dirty deed done dirt cheap, so while I'm waiting for another shoe to drop I'll post something light for your Saturday amusement.

Me 'n the Mrs. just went to the P.O. to collect our mail. It's a whole mile away. On the way we passed our town's freshly remodelled old Chinese Herb Shop, the only remnant of the Chinese population that built the transcontinental railroad that Whitey didn't burn down in retaliation for 19th-century outsourcing.

On the way back, we passed a whole bunch of Clampers, easily identifiable by their red shirts and black hats and vests, on their way to today's civic dedication of the old landmark as retail space. These guys are kind of an institution around here. They like to drink and put up plaques at historical sites.

Just read the links for fun. Later.

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