Monday, January 9, 2006

Men at work

Shakes has this up, which made me think (you're welcome for the straight line):

Bush may be the president a thin majority of Americans would most like to have a beer with, but he doesn't want to have a beer with them. Time reports he and his closest cronies have never been especially fond of Tom DeLay's, uh, earthiness: "He may have had an unmatched grip on the House and Washington lobbyists, but DeLay is not the kind of guy - in background and temperament - the President feels comfortable with. Of the former exterminator, a Republican close to the President's inner circle says, 'They have always seen him as beneath them, more blue collar. He's seen as a useful servant, not someone you would want to vacation with.'"


You know, say what we will about DeLay but he knows what it's like to work for a living. Unlike Preznit Brush Clearer who has yet to put in an honest day's work in his life. For the Chimp to look down his nose at the Bug Man is laughable. Not saying much, but DeLay is twice the man Bush is. At least DeLay worked for what he achieved (rightly or wrongly), not had it all handed to him. It's why Bush is uncomfortable around DeLay, and others like him. He feels inadequate to an exterminator and all 'working men'.

And just another thought, for a couple guys who did their best to avoid military service, Bush and Cheney do love dressing up in military gear, don't they? You make the connection, I'll just say this; dressing up in green clothes doesn't make you a soldier.

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