Friday, April 7, 2006


Was over at Holden's and he has some quotes from the Chimp:

After the war -- and by the way, it ended with an old doctrine of warfare, which is, destroy as many innocent people as you can to get the guilty to surrender. That's changed, by the way, with the precision nature of our military, and the way we're structured, and the way our troops think, is we now target the guilty and spare the innocent. That's another subject if you got a question.

There is no 'old doctrine of warfare'. There is no 'new doctrine'. The whole idea behind war is to kill as many of the enemy's people and destroy enough of his infrastructure until he is forced to surrender. That's it. Any other method of warfighting aside from a total, all out effort, is not war. It's some bastardized plan that won't work. You see how well the Chimp's 'new doctrine' is working. And just an aside, I don't believe for one minute Bush cares a damn about the innocents, just the oil fields.

That's the reason you don't go to war until, or unless, it's absolutely necessary. Stupid shit like what we're doing in Iraq won't work because you don't go to war if you have a problem with killing innocents. If you do, you don't go to war.

Look at Iraq. Even as we went in there with the 'spare the innocents' mindset, look at how many innocent folks, hard-working Iraqis, have been killed by American troops. War is dirty, messy, and innocents die at an alarming rate (it's not an occasional thing and tens of thousands have died).It should not be entered into on a whim or for reasons other than national defense.

What we have done in Iraq amounts to war crimes and we are all responsible. This nation was sold a vision of war that only happens on TV and in cheesy novels (heh) and most of us put our money down too easily. I think we should mount webcams on all U.S. military vehicles in Iraq and stream the video, like the cops' dashboard cams. If the American people saw the real deal, they wouldn't be so quick to follow some rhinestone cowboy into such an ill-planned attempt at imperialism. This is what you get with amateurs at the helm.

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