Thursday, April 6, 2006

Another big Fuck You

To all the creationists, intelligent designers, and others who take the Bible literally:

A newfound beast with swim fins and a head like a crocodile fills an evolutionary gap between fish and four-legged land animals.

The creature had gills, a fish-like jaw, and scales. But its mobile neck let it lift its head above water, and it could support its own weight on thick ribs and wrist-like bones. It may have even trudged across mudflats in the manner of four-legged animals, called tetrapods.

"I would say it's a key transitional form in the fish-to-land animal transition," said study co-author Neil Shubin of the University of Chicago. "It has features of both fish and tetrapods - we call it a 'fishapod.'"

Fish push-ups. [my em]


Just shut the fuck up.

Thanks: Shakes.

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