Thursday, April 6, 2006




If you don't voluntarily slot it [Brokeback Mountain] into a DVD player and voluntarily set aside a couple of hours to watch it, it has no more power to work it's Terrible, Nancification Mojo on you or your weak-willed whelplings -- or inflame the tender sensibilities of your morally stunted God -- than a lost episode of "The Prisoner" in an abandoned Chevy at the bottom of a mine shaft, or a pornographic mosaic under a heap of Atlantean rubble on the ocean floor.

How is it that the same human atavisms who whip themselves into rabid, ass-biting berserkers at the thought of someone, somewhere buying a copy of "Brokeback Mountain" in a Wal-Mart bargain bin...can also believe that they can make History, Cosmology, Chemistry, Archeology, Paleontology, Biology, Reason, Physics and Causality vanish in a burst of phuqutard willpower if they just close their potato-bug eyes and Wish Reeeeeal Hard?


They are a vicious, dangerous cult that has declared war on The Enlightenment, and sworn blood-oaths that Science, Tolerance and Reason are to be treated as enemy combatants in that war: traitors to Heaven to be tortured, but never trusted.


Driftglass goes on to cite the article in WaPo that I did the other day and then finishes up with the unassailable truth:


It doesn't matter what we say or what we do, or how reasonable we are or how much of the middle ground we cede to them in the cause of the commonweal[th] and keeping the peace in the family: Hate and fear is not what they feel, it's who they are. They're are on one, long, mean Blood-o-the-Lamb drunk, and no matter how often they are appeased, they will always find another excuse for rage.

For another pogrom.

Another purge.

Another bonfire.

I have no wish to try to reason with this filth any longer, Mr. Dennett. They have been steadily, unblinkingly goose-stepping towards the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with torches in hand for 30 year[s] and have been crystal-clear about their intentions.


Unfortunately, when you compare christian fundies with the Taliban or the Nazis, people's eyes glaze over. "Oh, that couldn't happen here," they say and I say horseshit, look at South Dakota. If these people had their way, our women would be wearing burkhas and walking 10 feet behind their men. Certain books and lines of thought would be banned.

I thought I wouldn't have to deal with these Jesus freak assholes when I left the Republican Party. Tell me again how these people gained credibility in the most advanced nation in the world? When I was young, we used to laugh at them. I beieve back then, their biggest goal was preparing for the Second Coming. For a long time, I thought devout christians were multi-orgasmic (now I know the concept of 'orgasm' doesn't even enter their thought processes). Go back to the little world you inhabited when I was a kid and stay out of governance. Idiots.

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