Monday, April 3, 2006

A little late

For the lightbulb to go on:

Now that the GOP has been transformed by the rise of the South, the trauma of terrorism and George W. Bush's conviction that God wanted him to be president, a deeper conclusion can be drawn: The Republican Party has become the first religious party in U.S. history.


I could have told you that close to 15 years ago, when I left the Republican Party for just that reason. That's when 'Newt and the Boys' started talking 'moral and family values', code words for the Jesus freaks, letting them know he's their boy.


Over a quarter-century of Bush presidencies and vice presidencies, the Republican Party has slowly become the vehicle of all three interests -- a fusion of petroleum-defined national security; a crusading, simplistic Christianity; and a reckless credit-feeding financial complex. The three are increasingly allied in commitment to Republican politics. On the most important front, I am beginning to think that the Southern-dominated, biblically driven Washington GOP represents a rogue coalition, like the Southern, proslavery politics that controlled Washington until Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860.


These guys would bring back slavery now if they could. The GOP is the party of racists and thieves.

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