Tuesday, April 4, 2006

A big 'Fuck You'

To all those fucking Jesus freaks out there who have problems with stem cell research, FUCK YOU.

April 3, 2006 - The news is being hailed as a medical milestone: Several years after receiving new bladders engineered entirely in a laboratory, seven young patients are all still healthy.


How it works: Atala and his team of researchers first remove a portion of the child's damaged bladder and single out cells that will turn into muscle cells and epithelial cells, or cells that line the bladder wall. These groups of cells are then grown in a laboratory culture to make enough cells to mold onto a "scaffold" of biodegradable material that resembles the size and thickness of a normal bladder sac.


The neo-bladder is just one of many different forms of tissue engineering currently being explored. Bone and skin regeneration already exists, and in the future, parts of or entire complex organs like the heart may even be replicated in a laboratory. [my ems]


Let me add another fuck you while I'm at it. This is why I say religion has no place in government. Religion only stifles innovation and if these scientists would be able to use embryonic stem cells, we'd be farther along by now.

Let me put this in language you idiots can understand. God gave us complex brains and a determination to discover because he wants us to do shit like this. Get out of the way of real science and keep your faith-based bullshit where it belongs; in church and your own homes. Morons.

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