Saturday, April 8, 2006

This Ain't 1864, Bush Ain't Lincoln, We Ain't Winnin'

From the War Nerd

To anybody with any sense, it's been obvious since day one that Iraq was going to be the biggest catastrophe since Nam. But when the cheerleaders start defecting, that's when you know the game's lost. It's like one of the girls at the bottom of the pyramid walking off while the head cheerleader is wobbling at the top of the pile -- kinda ruins the whole stunt.

Yeah, and the best grapefruit always seems to be on the bottom of the pile, too.

War Nerd also has a few things to say about Fresno's wingnut raisin farmer and his comparisons of Iraq to our Civil War and others, for all you Victor Davis Hanson fans out there.

That's Vic for you -- he can't stick with one bad historical parallel, he's got to stick in another. So he tells us that the Iraq war is just like the Civil War just before the capture of Atlanta, AND Korea after we'd been pushed back to the Pusan Perimeter.

Not too long - a good light Saturday read.

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