Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Feingold v. Kerry

This is what I meant the other day, the difference between a guy like Feingold and a guy like Kerry:

...The Swift Boat attacks in the 2004 election were so effective mostly because they provoked no reaction from Kerry -- no fury, no aggression, no unrestrained human conviction. When a response finally did come, it was pre-scripted, contrived and transparently empty, and that became the hallmark of the campaign.

Feingold's Censure Resolution had such resonance because it was something which came -- finally -- from conviction, from principle, from a political soul. Here is how Feingold described it, as summarized by Friedman:


It has to do with leadership. Russ did what he knew to be the right thing. Kerry did what other people told him was the right thing.

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