Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's all they got

So, by now you all know about the CIA officer who's been fired*:

WASHINGTON, April 22 - In 1998, when President Bill Clinton ordered military strikes against a suspected chemical weapons factory in Sudan, Mary O. McCarthy, a senior intelligence officer assigned to the White House, warned the president that the plan relied on inconclusive intelligence, two former government officials say.

Ms. McCarthy's reservations did not stop the attack on the factory, which was carried out in retaliation for Al Qaeda's bombing of two American embassies in East Africa. But they illustrated her willingness to challenge intelligence data and methods endorsed by her bosses at the Central Intelligence Agency.

On Thursday, the C.I.A. fired Ms. McCarthy, 61, accusing her of leaking information to reporters about overseas prisons operated by the agency in the years since the Sept. 11 attacks. But despite Ms. McCarthy's independent streak, some colleagues who worked with her at the White House and other offices during her intelligence career say they cannot imagine her as a leaker of classified information.


Firstly, I applaud her for standing behind her principles. Her life is gonna suck for the foreseeable future and I hope she can take comfort in knowing she did the right thing.

Secondly, I figured the Right would immediately start building the gallows. I wasn't disappointed and Thersites documents**:

-- The theory that the prisons never existed and were fabricated as part of a sting operation seems to have been originated by the inexplicably popular Captain's Quarters, based on self-serving denials by the countries that hosted the prisons.

Other conservative sites love the idea that the U.S. is smart enough to ruin its international reputation as a protector of human rights in order merely to nail a mole:

-- Stingray ("A Blog for Salty Christians") likewise thinks the prisons don't exist. (Bible: all literally, indisputably true. Prisons testified to by living, breathing people who were detained there: don't exist.)

You know, it's sad in a way. This is all they've got. These guys used to be able to come up with good bullshit, now all they have to rely on are conspiracy theories to bamboozle the public. It should be obvious by now the Right is spent. Yes, they might be able to push back again, but we're looking at an 'army' that's just trying to stay alive. They're on the last page of their playbook and all of their previous lies have been proven bullshit. Only 33% (at last count) believe the Rethug line of crap, although they could probably be convinced you can turn lead into gold.

Face it, guys, you're done. You are literally preaching to the chior because nobody else is in the church. They done, they've had it with your 'moral values' and 'small government' because they know it's all bullshit now. Everything we've been told since the 2000 campaign season has been a load of elephant shit and the stench has risen high enough for most to notice it. You're now irrelevant.

I love the line from one of my favorite movies, The American President:

In this town, you can go from heavy hitter to cocktail party joke in the time it takes to boil an egg.

There's never an egg timer around when you need one.

Note to Rethugs: Ding!

*Link via memeorandum.
**Notice my deft move not linking to any right wing sites (abiding by the only rule we have here at the Brain) but still providing you, dear reader, with links to the originals.