Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No, dickhead

So now we're hearing these high gas and home heating oil prices are the Democrats' fault because they're too environmentally conscious. All that damn tree-hugging prevented the oil companies from drilling new wells (ANWR) and building new refineries. Um, no, dickface.

The reason the price of gas is rocketing skyward is because of corporate greed by 'Big Oil', getting what they can while the Chimp and Cheney are in office. You know that if we get a Dem majority in Congress this November, that trough is gonna go dry. Expect prices to go higher ( really don't believe this Rethug Congress will actually investigate price gouging, do you?) before leveling out by Labor Day.

We knew prices like this were coming since 1973. The answer would have been developing an alternative energy source over the past three decades, but you see the power and influence the big oil companies have over our government. Time for that to end and I expect our candidates to acknowlege that instead of taking 'Big Oil's' dirty money.

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