Saturday, April 29, 2006

I can't because...

I love people like this:


I've thought about that for a while, wondering what exactly about both epithets appear so fascinating to left-wing bloggers.

Because you're a buncha wannabe chickenshits who don't have the balls to to anything if they're not sequestered in their basements, safe from those big, bad jihadists and lefties.

As a middle-aged grandfather supporting a chronically ill wife, I have few options for doing my part in the war on terror. After 9/11, I spent weeks looking into different options for service while trying to balance my family obligations. Our family found out just three weeks after the attack that the Little Admiral would soon join us, and the implications of terrorism and war weighed heavily on my mind. I resolved to use the skills I had -- writing -- to make the case for fighting a forward strategy against terrorists. Eventually that led me to this blog, but in the interim I argued for a continued muscular offensive against the Islamofascists that had murdered thousands of our fellow Americans.

And sitting in front of my keyboard is the easiest thing to do. Far be it to actually do what I implore others to do, like die. I mean, those military guys volunteered, right? They should be willing to go anywhere and die, right?

Is that the same as military service? Of course not. The men and women of the military do the real fighting, and we salute them and support them by supporting their mission. Milbloggers give us the best of both worlds by not only defending our nation and fighting (and beating) terrorists around the globe, but also by reporting on the fight first hand. There is honor in engaging in public debate for policies which we believe are in our nation's best interest as well.

There is no honor in talking a good line. Remember what grandma said? 'Actions speak louder than words.'

For many of us, we know that without presenting our arguments in the national forum, many in the media and the public will quickly overpower the debate and threaten the policies we feel give us the best long-term opportunity to defeat terrorism and the states that fund and shelter them.


Us? Us? There's no us. It's you and your little chickenshit pals who've been conned by folks who look at you the same way we on the left do. You're idiots, useful to the Repukes, but nothing more than gullible stupid idiots.

Since I won't link to this wannabe squid I'll send you to Amanda who has more to say about this idiot.


And I think Atrios says it best:

While many of the 101st may be unable to serve in our fine military for a variety of reasons - poor conditioning, age, anal cysts, low intelligence, incontinence, anxiety disorders, other priorities, cocaine addiction - there are still numerous civilian opportunities available to them in Iraq.


And by the way, I put forth this challenge about this time last year. It still stands:

5 May 2005


I'll go these warmongers one better. If Jonah Goldberg makes the attempt to enlist, so will I. I'll dust off my DD Form 214 and head down to the recruiters the same day. Regardless of the fact I already served this country for 8 years (6 active, 2 reserve), I'll go back if the man who said he'd serve (if he didn't have a family and a job) gave it his best shot. Come on, Jonah, let's sign up as buddies. Lotsa guys did it when I went in. If you go, I'll go with ya. And I even promise not to kill ya, even if the opportunity presents itself. If ya signed up, I'd have too much respect for you to want to snap your soft spine with my bare hands. So here's the deal. If Jonah goes, I'll go too. Whaddaya say, Lardass? Are ya man enough to take me up on it? Let me know.

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