Sunday, April 23, 2006



But today, Blackwater is facing a potentially devastating battle--this time not in Iraq but in court. The company has been slapped with a lawsuit that, if successful, will send shock waves through the world of private security firms, a world that has expanded significantly since Bush took office. Blackwater is being sued for the wrongful deaths of Stephen "Scott" Helvenston, Mike Teague, Jerko Zovko and Wesley Batalona by the families of the men slain in Falluja.


This is a problem that's gotten out of hand. Regular readers know my opinion of mercenaries (I have no use for them and don't give a shit if they live or die, or how horribly they die; they are not people of honor) and the profession has grown alarmingly in this country since the Chimp began his 'outsourced wars'. These guys have license to kill over there, where there is literally zero oversight by the U.S. justice system. I hope this lawsuit is just the first of many that will drive these 'security companies' into bankruptcy.

Great thanks to Singularity for the link.

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