Monday, April 24, 2006

Let me expand...

On my point the other day about getting new blood into the presidential race. My deal is simple, the Rethug Noise Machine and the so-called 'Conventional Wisdom', rightly or wrongly, has branded all of the previous candidates (and yes, I include Hillary in that group; it should be obvious why), Kerry the Flip-Flopper, Gore the Eccentric Tree-Hugger, Dean the Lubatic, Hillary the [Place Rethug Talking Point Here], get it? We need someone who doesn't have the baggage of races past, isn't tainted by the 'conventional wisdom' of the mis- and under-informed.

It's why I'm looking to Wes Clark and Russ Feingold, guys who can run on a record of ethical behavior and are not beholden to huge special interest. I haven't made up my mind by a long shot (there's still a long way to go and we should concentrate on the November Mid-Terms), but I'd like folks to start thinking about what they want in their leadership.

Do we want real leaders, like Wes Clark, who have the respect of their people and are adept in the international arena, or do we want folks who talk a good line about leadership but don't have a clue? We've seen what 5 years of that has done to this country.

Like I said, the '08 campaign season is a long way off, relatively speaking, but it doesn't hurt to start thinking about our potential with a real leader at the helm.

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