Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed in the morning...

Sorry for not posting much the last few days.

Yesterday my son fell at school and broke his two front teeth. Now I'm battling the insurance company to get this taken care of as a medical problem since our dental insurance sucks wet baboon ASS. 4 GRAND to fix this,dental will only cover a teeny tiny bit of that,while medical will pay 80 or 90 percent.However,one must get a referral to an oral surgeon,because heaven forbid I take the kid to see his regular dentist(who,btw can probably fix most of this today,but now I have to cancel that appointment and find an actual oral surgeon),nooo,that would be too simple.

I hate insurance companies.While I'm dealing with a traumatized kid(it took me almost an hour yesterday to get him to stop crying hysterically before I could even take him home from school.And even then,there were several more times yesterday where the poor little guy just fell all to pieces)I should NOT have to contend with all this insurance bullshit.WTF are we paying all these premiums for if the insurance company makes thngs more difficult than they should ever be?This is yet another example as to why we need a national,SIMPLE healthcare plan.Seems to me that it really shouldn't matter what doctor or dentist one goes to,just that you go to someone who is qualified and does a good job.

My son is autistic,and finding a good doctor or dentist he isn't afraid of took me time,research and energy.Now I have to take him to a stranger,and the kid barely slept last night because he's worried and scared.Plus he starts bawling every time he looks at those teeth in the mirror.

Anyhow,you can guess what I'll be doing with most of my time in the next few days. I've also officially reached the place where I've been paid back for every worry,pain in the ass,trouble,and other assorted headaches I gave my parents growing up,lol.

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