Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bush Contemplates Rebirth of Dictatorship for Iraq

This may be a little tinfoil-hattish, but I'll believe almost anything about Bush and his evil little neocons these days.

The Progressive

There was a big clue planted at the bottom of the very long lead article in The New York Times of August 17.

The last three paragraphs of this story revealed that "senior administration officials...are considering alternatives other than democracy," according to a military expert who was just briefed at the White House.

Hmmm, "alternatives other than democracy."

My, what can those be?

Monarchy? Dictatorship?

The Bush Administration may be looking for an Iraqi Stroessner, or another, more reliable Saddam.

That may have been what Cheney and Rumsfeld had in mind all along. From the very beginning, they wanted to install in power Ahmad Chalabi and his groups of exiles roosting in the Iraqi National Congress, writes George Packer in his book The Assassin's Gate. When the situation in Iraq began to deteriorate, Cheney blamed those in the Administration who refused to go along with this plan.

"In the fall of 2003, Dick Cheney approached his colleague Colin Powell, stuck a finger in his chest, and said, 'If you hadn't opposed the INC and Chalabi, we wouldn't be in this mess,' " Packer reports.

Maybe Chalabi is waiting in the wings still - or some other Saddam wannabe.

Bush appears to be taking applications.

Gee, Georgie, you could have just left Saddam alone and saved us a Hell of a lot of trouble, death, destruction, and expense, let alone possibly irreparable damage to the United States' image, reputation, and moral standing in the world. Maybe even put real effort into fighting terrorists around the world instead of into imperialist neocon pipe-dreams. You evil, dumb, scaredy-cat, punk little motherfucker.

I wonder if he'll do an Emily Litella impression: "Never mind!"

November. Subpœna power. Impeachment. Fuck jail. Get a rope.

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