Thursday, August 17, 2006

Daily Dave

For today's Daily Dave, we send you to Peter King Watch. NY-03 used to be listed 'solid Republican'.


A formerly "safe" republican seat in an increasingly Democratic Long Island, is starting to tilt towards the Democrats.
King hasn't really campaigned for the past few election cycles, and it looks like that will have to change now. Mejias is making a real impact in a race that was long-thought to be a losing one for any Democrat.


Long Islanders of Nassau County, help Dave Mejias defeat Peter King in November. NY-03 can be ours. If you're not from the area, donate. It's in your best interest to toss Peter King.

See what you can do to help at Dave for America.

Donate at Dave's ActBlue page.

And just a note: If you're not registered to vote, get out and do it now.

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