Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ultimate electoral power really does belong to us

Geov Parrish on the real lesson of the Connecticut voter uprising that led to Ned lamont's victory:

That is why Lamont's victory, more than most underfunded Congressional challenges, scares the hell out of the permaclass running our nation's capitol. That small, incestuous circle jerk of legislators, lobbyists, think tanks, and corporate donors knows it can only be taken down in one way: by the will of the voters. And while come November incumbents of both parties will continue to have every advantage, we now know, each of us, in every state and Congressional district, that our local D.C.-business-as-usual hack can be beaten. If it doesn't happen this November (and, generally, it won't), there's plenty of time for 2008.

That's why all the hysteria, and hot air, from Beltway people who know better. It's not that they don't recognize that voters, properly motivated, can bring down this whole corrupt charade of corporate democracy; it's that they don't want you to recognize it. Because if you, which is to say we, understand that the ultimate electoral power really does belong to us, we're capable of ending a lot more than just the war in Iraq.

Let's do as much as we can this November and finish the job in '08.

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