Monday, August 14, 2006

Bushoviks Rushed Terror Arrests For P.R. Gain

The Tattered Coat

A new report from NBC News claims that Bush Administration officials pressured the British to arrest the London terrorists a week before British surveillance work was complete (via TPM via commenter Suzy). The attack, according to the report, was not imminent.

This goes way beyond what we understood previously - that the Bush Administration knew about the arrests ahead of time, and timed a PR offensive against the Democrats around it.

It turns out that it was the other way around: the Bush Administration orchestrated the timing of the arrests to coordinate them with the PR offensive, which attacked Democrats after Ned Lamont's victory in the Connecticut primary.

For the GOP, the short term political importance of getting the Lamont victory, and the developing sense that America had fully turned against the Iraq War, off the news was reason enough to disrupt an active terror investigation. The disruption hurt the legal case against the terrorists - it will be much harder to convict them without passports or airline tickets. The GOP was so insistent on the timing that they threatened to "render" the lead suspect if the British did not comply with their wishes.

The Republicans, in other words, once again played politics with national security, and hurt anti-terrorism efforts as they did so.

They cannot be trusted to protect us from the threat of terrorism because - to paraphrase The Downing Street Memo - they fix terror investigations around smear campaigns.

Feel safer now? How does it make you feel to know that our so-called president and his RS3M interfered with an ongoing active foreign police investigation that may have produced even better results in order to counter the results of an actual legitimate election they couldn't control? The fuckers had this in the works in case Lieberman lost, and sprang it as soon as the results were in. To the detriment of everybody but themselves.

I thought I was about as pissed-off at Bush and his Band of Lying Criminal Bastards as I could get.

I was wrong.

If this doesn't help voters see the light and change the balance of Congress in November, Americans are brain-dead.

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