Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enron Wants Joe Too...

Molly Ivins on Lamont over Lieberman.

Wow. How little we realized that the fate of a single senator - especially such a whiny and sanctimonious one - meant everything to Osama bin. Must've pulled off his turban and danced around his cave when he got the news. The whole Al Qaeda bunch stayed up just to hear the late returns from Darien, Conn.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, The Hill newspaper reports that an Enron lobbyist (former aide to Joe Lieberman and money-raiser for him and convicted Republican Connecticut Gov. John Rowland, whom he describes as being "like-minded guys") is demanding that Democratic senators not campaign against Lieberman. When asking other professional influence-peddlers to contribute, he tells them to come back for Lieberman, saying, "Who knows what Lamont would be like?"

For example, Lamont might use his power to make sure the Enron investigation gets serious - a task that Lieberman, ranking Democrat on the Government Affairs Committee, has avoided. No surprise that the lobbyists and insiders want to keep their guy.

I'm sure the Enron investigation, if allowed to proceed, would end up going through the filing cabinets in both Cheney's and the Oval Offices.

November. Subpœna power. Impeachment. Jail.

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