Friday, August 18, 2006

Daily Dave

About Peter King's record on organized labor*:

Peter King's lifetime rating from the AFL-CIO stand at 35% - meaning that he votes against working families 65% of the time. In 2005, his rating plunged to a mere 20%, voting against the interests of working people 80% of the time. King's anti-labor stances include voting repeatedly against raising the minimum wage and supporting the Bush plan to privatize Social Security. He even supported the Labor Department giving a sweetheart deal to Wal-Mart, where Wal-Mart would receive an unprecedented 15 days notice before the Department would conduct any on-site investigations.

I know what it's like to work hard and pay taxes. I know what unions have done for the working people in this country, but guys like Peter King don't give a shit. He'll vote for giving tax breaks to Exxon/Mobil and Paris Hilton, but heaven forbid he helps out the folks who really need it.

It's time to get the Bush cronies out of Congress. King (R-Bigot**) is the last one on Long Island. Dave Mejias will represent Nassau County in the House and put an end to the rubber stamp Congress the Chimp has enjoyed.

I say it every day:

If you live on Long Island, volunteer.

If not, donate at ActBlue.

Vote Dem in November across the board.

*From the Aug. 16 Mejias campaign press release.
**Link thanks to PKW.
View map of NY-03 by clicking here.

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