Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brown slams Doolittle's lack of service

Following up on Fixer's post just below this one, Congressional candidate Charlie Brown (CA-04) musta read Dem Vet and the Brain. NY Daily News:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- A Democratic Vietnam veteran running for Congress lashed out at his Republican opponent Friday after a series of Republican-financed attacks questioning his support for U.S. troops.

In a rare display of anger, retired Air Force Maj. Charlie Brown called Republican Rep. John Doolittle a coward who is "hiding behind the flag" and slammed him for failing to serve in Vietnam.

"While I was being shot at in Vietnam, John Doolittle was practicing his tennis game at (the University of California) Santa Cruz," Brown said during a news conference as he was surrounded by fellow veterans.

"He is not who he says he is," Robinson said. "He says he is supportive of our troops, but he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with left-wing activists at a rally sponsored by (the women's peace and social justice group) Code Pink. We think it's important for the public to know that."

Robinson did not directly address Brown's claims about Doolittle's military service record.

No shit. Tennis, anyone?

The accusation stems from Brown's appearance in January at an "Out of Iraq" forum in Sacramento, during which Penn and Sheehan were surprise guests.

"Code Pink" and "Out Of Iraq", huh? Sounds like Brown supports the troops, and Doolittle supports Bush's criminal war.

Jo Fish and Fixer are right: you Veteran candidates need to slam the dogshit out of your opponents without military service who support these war criminals and their cowardly crimes - incompetent ones at that. What the Hell, just my 2¢, but slam Vets who support this failed war and occupation for not knowing any better.

Charlie Brown for Congress

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