Sunday, October 29, 2006

James Webb's Navy Cross

Bush thinks he's Sgt. Rock in his little fantasy world in which he has never been in danger, but James Webb did it for real, with real blood. His own. Go read his Navy Cross citation at the Hampton Roads Pilot.

Here's a 'comment' after the article:

Webb served as a Marine in Vietnam where he was awarded a Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts. He served as counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and Secretary of the Navy. Sen. Allen has never served in the military. According to an independent evaluation by the Retired Enlisted Association, Allen supported their interests 0% of the time in 2004. According to another independent evaluation by the Disabled American Veterans, Allen supported their interests 0% of the time in 2004 and 50% of the time in 2005. On the basis of this objective information, I trust that military personnel, veterans, and their families will be able to decide which candidate will best represent them in the Senate.

I hope so.

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