Thursday, November 2, 2006

I love it when the mighty falleth....with a CRASH.

Oh it's a good day in my world,mweeheehee...First,I get a totally awesome haircut at lunchtime that makes me look fucking fabulous,and then I read of the beginning of the end of one of Colorado Springs' evangelical leaders with ties to the White House. Meth AND Gay Hookers,what a prize package bonanza.

The reason I have it in for people like Pastor Ted is because what he does literally destroys families. My family has directly been ripped apart by this kind of disgusting hypocrisy and self-centered greed and hatred,so when one of these fucks is exposed for being the sorry excuse for a man he is,oh,it brings such joy and warmth into the cockles of my teeny little black liberal heart.

Make sure you read that first link on John's site to the Harper's article,pay attention to the homo-erotic artwork all over Ted's "church".

Look,it's simple. This warped brand of christianity HATES women. Healthy gay men don't hate women at all, repressed,controlling,misogynistic,hateful gay men do,especially when they have access to power of any sort. They parade around as hetero,but 9 times out of 10,they aren't remotely attracted to women,they're gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. Teh Gay! If they weren't so repressed,they probably wouldn't be so pervy and mean. They do a shitload of damage to every life they influence or touch, and for that reason,they have no choice but to crash and burn,eventually. But not before they do horrific damage. Unfortunately these days,far too many of them have been allowed into the Halls of Power,many times in stealth mode(how fitting for someone in the closet),where they sow more seeds of division and hatred. While making a fortune to boot.

So it's good,a very,very,very good thing,when one of them takes a header into an empty concrete swimming pool. Sadly,his wife and 5 kids will pay a heavy price,but they've been paying all along just by being around this venomous creature.

Personally,I'm doing a happy dance of joy. It would have been better if it had been one of Ted's very special Colorado Springs neighbors,James Dobson,but Ted's a good start. (and I know,call it my womanly intuition,that Daddy Dobson has some serious wicked ugly shit in his closet,I wish someone would come forward with some heinous dirt on that man,soon.I know it's there,beyond what we do know about him for certain)

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