Friday, November 3, 2006

Laughable ...

A buncha reality-based vets refused to take a Rethug seriously. Good on 'em:

PALMETTO -- Republican Vern Buchanan was interrupted by laughter during a debate before a group of veterans Thursday when he insisted that the White House has a strategy for the war in Iraq.


Buchanan had objected to [Democrat Christine] Jennings' repeating her frequent charge that the Bush administration doesn't have a strategy for winning the war.

"But there is a strategy and it needs to be flexible," he said.

Some of the veterans started chuckling, and Buchanan had to stop speaking after telling them that he expected the White House would adopt a more flexible strategy.


They heard it before, pal. 40 years ago, and it means as much now as it did then.

Great thanks to Maru.

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