Friday, February 16, 2007

Escalations ...

What the armchair chickenhawk generals on the right fail to get is that shit we do has consequences. When we start kicking over other nations, their neighbors start getting worried. When we rattle the saber toward another nation, their neighbors go shopping*:

Leaders of Sunni Arab states are embarking on a military spending spree in an attempt to contain the growing threat from Iran.

Alarmed by the progress of Iran's nuclear programme and the prospect of a military clash between its Shia regime and the United States, Gulf leaders intend to use billions of dollars of oil revenue to purchase a huge array of military hardware.


So, let's see. We attacked Iraq for little justification and are hinting, strongly, we're about to attack Iran. Instead of making the Middle East a 'more stable place', we've precipitated an arms race. And now, the people who really should be removed from power (the House of Saud and the other Oil Princes), the people who oppress their populace and use their money to build palaces to themselves, will now be more powerful and the chance of their own people affecting 'regime change' becomes smaller.

Instead of accepting peace overtures and beginning a dialogue with the Iranians, we disregarded their offer and refused to talk**. We've blown the opportunity to normalize relations with Iran on more than one occasion in our zeal to oust Saddam and steal Iraq's oil. The Iranians wanted to help us oust the Taliban in Afghanistan and would most certainly have helped us get rid of Saddam. Had Bush's intentions been as advertised, actual regime change in Iraq and an attempt to build a democracy, the Iranians would have helped us.

So, after 'everybody was an American' on 9/11, we have progressed through four years of lies and deception, diplomatic mistakes, military disasters, and billions wasted, not to mention all the fucking lives squandered, to achieve nothing but to make things worse. Sadly, I believe, this could all have been averted had we only sat down to talk. The incompetence of this administration has been criminal, and that's not counting the crimes they committed to get us into war in the first place.

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