Monday, February 12, 2007

Number One Job For Congress: Stop Iran War

Rob Kall

Forget about any other legislation. Kill Bush's ability to make war with Iran, with any other country.

Bush and company are using the same tactics to drum up war with Iran-- lying about their intentions, using unethical, partisan reporters to raise the stakes with claims of Iranian abuses and dangers to America and American interests.

Just as they lied about their intentions about attacking Iraq, then lied about the dangers of WMDs, they are at it again.

If the democrats don't do something very, very soon, very tough, clear and decisive, then the US will be attacking Iran. It will have thrown itself and we the people into an insane, dangerous devastatingly expensive and unaffordable conflict that will change the world and our lifestyles.

There is only one solution-- the congress must pass binding legislation that absolutely forbids Bush from launching any kind of weapon or attack on Iran. They must explicitly state that any past authorization does not included Iran. They must make it clear that if Bush does order any action against Iran that drastic consequences will apply. They must make it a criminal act.

There's no other more important legislation to be dealing with. This should be a no-brainer. Will the right wingers in congress oppose it? Maybe. If they do, they will be sealing the end of the Republican party in any leadership role.

This can't wait. They need to do it now.

I hope Congress gets on the stick and passes this kind of legislation. It won't stop Bush and Cheney from doing what they want to do, but at least they will have clearly broken a law and can be dealt with, albeit through our molasses-in-January congressional procedures.

If we want to actually stop these madmen from attacking Iran, I fear it needs to get physical. Do it. Whatever it takes.

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