Monday, February 12, 2007

Whatcha gonna do?

Okay, after watching and reading the news this weekend, it seems a foregone conclusion we're going to attack Iran. It's just a matter of degree at this point (whether it be airstrikes from carrier-based aircraft or an actual ground invasion). So I ask you this question.

What are you prepared to do about it?

I mean, you really don't think this Congress is gonna stop them, do you? These people don't have the balls to push through a non-binding resolution; do you think they're gonna do anything like cut off the Chimp's funding or pass a resolution forbidding him from attacking Iran? It's within their power to do, many expert bloggers have done the legal research, but I seriously doubt they will. The ones with the power, the ones able to rally public support to stand up to this White House are all running for President and preoccupied with Iraq. I ask again.

What are you prepared to do about it?

Are you going to sit back and let it all happen again? Are you gonna sit there, shake your head, and shrug your shoulders and say 'nothing I can do about it'? Probably.

Now I'm not advocating armed resistance or a coup or a popular uprising, but maybe it's time to start considering it. We are watching these idiots flush our nation down the toilet and we're sitting back and shrugging. Maybe it is time to drag these people out and let them face the 'people's justice'. Our elected representatives ain't gonna do anything.

Fuck that 100 Hours shit, Speaker Pelosi, we can work on getting people a college education when the Chimp is out at the least, behind bars at most. Fuck sparring with Mitch McConnell, Senator Reid, and look into what legal avenues will allow you to send the Capitol Police or the Marines or the fucking Boy Scouts to walk into the White House, put the Chimp and Cheney in handcuffs, and frogmarch their asses into the paddy wagon.

We have an insane dictator running this nation through a moronic sockpuppet and if it's not obvious to you by now, you're either blind, clueless, or on the take. This is getting ridiculous, the bullshit so obvious, and yet everybody acts as if war with Iran is some vague abstraction. It's closer than you think. As Brother Lurch said yesterday:

By the dark moon period of April, all the pieces will be in place.

Fuck these 'resolutions'. Congress should tell the Chimp, in no uncertain terms, that if he attacks Iran, 'provocation' or no, he will be doing time in federal prison.

So, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, I've about had enough of watching my nation (the one I put my ass on the line for) being destroyed. I'm not going to put up with much more weaseling and equivocation. It's time to do what the American people want. End this fucking occupation of Iraq and prevent the Chimp from attacking Iran. I'm sure there's a buncha folks like me who'll be happy to do it for you if you decide it's beyond your grasp.

Get on the stick before there's no fixing this mess.

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