Monday, February 12, 2007

Iraqn Lies

AfterDowningStreet is all over the upcoming Iran Mess like a cheap suit. Here's an excerpt from one post out of many:

So, you see? This case is DIFFERENT. This time we can TRUST the "intelligence" sources. Because, last time, we'd merely had crews of trained inspectors swarming the country for years, and they denied that there were any WMD there. This time, we have amateurs observing the situation in the middle of guerrilla warfare, and they say they've got the goods but can't reveal them. So, you see, it's DIFFERENT.

Here's a collection of the growing list of Iran War Lies:

Add it to the endless list of Iraq War Lies:

But let's keep one thing in mind as we demand a thorough investigation of both sets of lies – lies made by the same set of people: In neither case, even were every single claim 100 percent true and accurate, would anyone have established a legal case for war. If a nation's possession of WMDs were grounds for launching a war against it, the United States would be subject to legal invasion immediately. So, while debunking the fanciful claims of Bush, Cheney, and Gates may be entertaining, we may actually do more good if we brush them aside and point out that it does not matter whether their claims are true or not. Aiding a nation in repelling a foreign occupation is not grounds for war. The U.S. still brags about having done this in France 50 years ago. If Iran were doing it in Iraq now, which no evidence yet suggests, the crime would lie in the foreign invaders' refusal to leave, not in the aid supplied by the Iranians.

Iran has a Hell of a lot more business being in Iraq than we do. They're right next door, fer chrissakes. Yes, they want to be the power in the region, and the way Bush is going about things, he's handing it to 'em on a silver platter.

We are the invaders who cooked up phony reasons to invade. We are the occupying foreign power. We're the ones who really fucked up an already pretty fucked-up area and made it worse. We are the bad guys. I can't blame Iran a bit for helping to throw us out of there. I'd do the same for my neighbor if he had burglars. When the burglars tried to come to my house to get back at me, I'd have 'em right where I wanted 'em. My firepower on my turf. They'd be toast.

We need to GTFO of Iraq and let them and their neighbors settle all this shit Bush started, and the Devil take the hindmost.

In the long run, I think it'd be cheaper just to buy the fuckin' oil instead of trying to steal it, Cheney's pipe dreams of ruling the world and the Chimp's fragile little psyche be damned. If we don't do it pretty quick, we'll all be damned, and rightly so.

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