Monday, February 12, 2007

Implications of once again cooking the evidence

From A. Alexander at Progressive Daily Beacon
"As tragic as it will be to have tens of thousands of innocent Iranian citizens slaughtered, IF the administration is AGAIN able to make war based on fabrications, manipulations, deceit, and lies; if the media AGAIN, fails to expose the White House's fictionalized narrative; and the will of the people is ignored...the bigger tragedy will be that America's democracy ceases to exist."
And that is exactly why they have to be stopped and stopped now. To follow-up on Fixer and Gordon's earlier post today. If Congress isn't going to do it, it is time for the citizens to take this into their own hands. Shut the country down if necessary, but they must be stopped.

Does anyone know if the President and V. P. are immune from felony prosecution? If not, I think a brave judge could settle this all for us.

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