Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You just lost my vote

Dear Mr. Edwards,

So, now you accepted Shakes' resignation too. Good on ya. Nice to know you are so politically spineless and I no longer have to listen to you sound pretty good. It doesn't matter what you say anymore because I know, when push comes to shove, you will cave to pressure without prompting. We don't need someone like you in the White House.

Instead of using this 'scandal' to take a stand and expose hate mongers like Bill Donohue, show them for what they really are and how they have a negative effect on the serious discourse in this nation, you took the easy way out.

That tells me you will be stifled to inaction, if you do make it to the White House, every time the Republicans and their flying monkeys raise their voices a decibel. Sorry, Mr. Edwards, but I want a leader in the White House, not a pussy.

You are not Presidential material.


PS - I see you learned how to stand up to your critics from John Kerry. You see where that got him. Go back to your 'mill town'.


Far better than I could have said it. But then, I'm usually not one for delicacy. Heh ...

And a 'by the way', our 17 year old intern at the shop has bigger balls and she wasn't issued a set at birth.


Brother Lurch is of the same mind. Again, said much better than I did.

And yes, I'm late for work, but as I watch the traffic report, I see there are accidents all along my 30 mile route. Ain't going nowhere until the sun comes up.


And do you think Mr. Edwards will say something about this? Yeah, I doubt it too.


Fuck work. Much as I love Harry, he ain't worth dying for. Seems like everybody on Long Island forgot what snow and ice were all about since last winter.

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