Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Amateurs:Strategy - Professionals:Logistics

I know it's my tired old screed you've all heard a lot over the last almost-3 years, but the pros didn't seem to get it:

... 'Iraq and Afghanistan are sucking up resources at a faster rate than we planned for,' one three-star general said ...

No shit, Sherlocks. The last real war you had to fight, and resupply, was Vietnam. Forgot how that went, didja? My dad was a defense contractor during that war and every subcontractor machine shop on Long Island during the 60s and early 70s was working 3 shifts supporting Grumman, Republic Aircraft, and the military spare parts system. The Chimp and Cheney wanted a war on the cheap and they've shortchanged every-fucking-body in the process. Our wounded vets got especially fucked, but it's across the board.

Big tip o' the Brain to Cdr. Huber.

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