Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Washington Sex Scandal That Wasn't? Drat!

WaPo follows up on my previous post:

Guess what.

Change of plans.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey's client phone numbers aren't up for auction anymore -- at least according to her lawyer.

The alleged Washington call-girl madam, recently indicted on federal racketeering charges, has decided she wouldn't feel right doing business with some gossipy media outfit that pays for sleaze, her attorney said yesterday.

So it is possible that the nation's capital will not become embroiled in a raging sex scandal after all. Not right away, anyhow.


Palfrey, who employed college-educated women, mostly in their mid-20s, says that as far she knew, her employees and clients engaged in legal sex play -- at $275 per 90-minute session -- in the men's homes or hotel rooms. Her firm, Pamela Martin & Associates, was in business from 1993 until last year. If the women performed sex acts for the money, Palfrey says, they are to blame, not her.

Hey, I've been around a little bit, but that's a new one on me: what the hell is "legal sex play"? Sitting across the hotel room from the client talkin' dirty on cell phones? $275 for 90 minutes? Gimme a break!

Actually, that's pretty cheap. If you spend 90 minutes in a legal Nevada brothel and only spend $275, you never left the bar!

Ohhhh, it comes to me - we're talkin' strange getups and a toy box, but nothing they'd want their wives and pastors findin' out about. Or 'film at 11'.

I am reminded of a phrase in several articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, some including barnyard animals and every conceivable orifice of any kind anywhere including possible snake-infested bushes, "penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense".

What about the sex scandal that Palfrey kept promising?

"If you want to call it a scandal, you can. But I think potentially it speaks more to the hypocrisy of the Beltway community."

I don't doubt for a minute that the mere threat to out her client records promoted a voluntary influx of checks. The only way for politicians and others in D.C. to avoid being called 'hypocrites' is simply not to be found out.

Inquiring minds still want to know. Heh.

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